Our Products

Savannah Three K Security Limited believes in using high end quality products and specializes in creating efficient packages for your security requirements. We have the technical expertise to install and service the same there after.

Risk Assessment

An effective security policy starts with understanding the level of risk your organization faces.

Safeguarding your organization is only possible once you fully understand the types and levels of risk your business faces. Our corporate risk assessment will identify all your security issues for you. All organizations face some degree of security risk. The failure to recognize and manage these risks could jeopardize even the most successful business, leaving it vulnerable to costly interruptions of operations or even more serious hazards.

Our risk assessment can:

  • Evaluate any part of your business or your entire organization.
  • Analyze potential risks for new sites or expansions.
  • Identify any weakness in your current security systems and procedures.
  • Provide a detailed set of practical recommendations.
  • Advice on system performance and coverage


Automated Gates

Security upgrades at the entrance is not given enough attention but we go the extra mile to advise our customers to start their security review right from their main gate. An automated gate goes a long way in putting your security in your control right from the main gate.

Electric / Razor Wire Fence:

A large area is better protected at its perimeter with an electric or razor wire fence. Savannah Three K Security Ltd can upgrade your existing fence or give you a complete new solution. We use brands such as Gallagher and MEPS.


CCTV Alarm Installation & Maintenance

We design CCTV systems to suit all requirements and budgets.
Whether your business or home needs a simple one camera solution or a complex multi camera system using high clarity technical monitoring and recording system, which can be monitored and controlled from a single point.

We believe that it is critical to give our clients the most long term cost effective security solutions. We refuse to compromise our standards by using inappropriate or inferior equipment.

If you’re not happy with the maintenance response offered by your current service provider. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate the reliability and value for money offered by Savannah Three K Security Limited.

CCTV & Alarm Equipment


Fire Equipment


Mobile Response Unit

Savannah Three K Security Limited is able to provide patrol response security solution for both private and public sector organizations.  Our trained response officers will attend your premises in the event of alarm activation. They will carry out full internal and external patrol of the site as detailed by the comprehensive site assignment instructions.

In the event that emergency repairs are required, we can arrange for repairs to be carried out immediately, subject of course to pre-authorization.
Once the incident has been dealt with, the building will be secured. A detailed incident report will be provided to you the next day.

Pre-programmed patrols can be carried at any time including throughout the night and during the weekends. Highly visible warning boards can be supplied as an added deterrent demonstrating a pro-active approach to securing your property.


Access Control System

One of the simplest ways to protect your business is to control movement in and out of your building. We can advise you about many access control systems that range from basic sign-in to sophisticated multi-level authorization card or lock systems. These can track or resist access for different categories of personnel at key points around your premises.

Electric Door Locks

Understanding how to properly use and get effective results can be overlooked. We Savannah Three K Security Ltd want to provide customer satisfaction by giving you the best solution for an access control system that is cost efficient and gives you useful data and results.

Manned Guarding

Savannah Three K Security Limited guarding forces are educated and well trained. Extra training has been taken in customer care and handling of various types of clients from business owners to Residents, Hotels, Learning Institutions e.t.c


Canine Section

Savannah Three K Security Limited has thoroughly trained security dogs that are available upon request.

Close protection officer

Savannah Three K Security Limited deploys experienced officers in support of specialist operations, either on long or short term assignments. Our teams have extensive experience in supplying security services to Diplomats, High Net worth Individuals, VIP, corporate clients and conglomerates.


Private Investigation & Surveillance

Savannah Three K Security Limited can provide private investigators and private detectives for cases which could potentially result in criminal / civil proceedings. This includes fraud, corporate counter-espionage, matrimonial, family disputes, unlawful insurance claims or legal matters surrounding employees.

Whatever the circumstance, Savannah Three K Security Limited will provide you with discreet, professional, efficient and confidential service, guaranteeing high level of diligence in its approach in order to achieve the client’s desired results.